About us

The Cape Town Society for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (CTSPP) is a non-profit organisation for psychoanalytic psychotherapists which was formed in 1984 as a reading group with the aim of furthering members’ knowledge of psychoanalytic theory. In 1992 it became a study group with the incorporation of clinical material presented by members. In 2000, with the adoption of a constitution, the study group became formalised as a society. The administration of the Society is managed by an Executive Committee, and an Ethics Committee is available for consultation around ethical concerns and facilitates an annual workshop.


The CTSPP is CPD accredited.

The group of about 35 full members meet on the first Monday of every month. There is a brief business meeting, followed by division into subgroups for the presentation of a theoretical paper and clinical work. Members take it in turns to do these presentations. The readings are on a different theme each year and include a paper on evidence-based research outcomes for psychoanalytic psychotherapy. In addition to the monthly meetings, visitors are invited to provide clinical supervision or to speak on relevant topics at weekend seminars or evening lectures.

Once a year the Society has a Business Meeting open to all full members in which issues pertaining to the development of the Society are discussed. Also once a year the Society has a Scientific Meeting, again open to all full members, which provides a forum for any member or visitor to present current research or papers. An annual Ethics workshops is organised by the Ethics Committee on a topic of current relevance and provides the required number of Ethics CPD points for the year. This workshop is open to all CTSPP membership categories.