The CTSPP welcomes practitioners of different professions who practice psychoanalytic psychotherapy, including psychologists, psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, and clinical social workers. CTSPP Members are required to be registered practitioners with a formal council such as the HPCSA or the Social Work Council.

Members should be interested in practicing psychoanalytic psychotherapy and need to have had or be having both a substantial psychoanalytic psychotherapy and a substantial psychoanalytic supervision.

There are 3 categories of membership:

  • Full Members
  • Leave of Absence (LOA) Members
  • Affiliate Members (previous CTSPP members wanting to maintain links with the organisation rather than resign)

Full Membership costs for 2017, including the Ethics Workshop, is R750.00. Membership fees increase marginally annually.

Click below to view/download the membership form applicable to you:

CTSPP Application for Associate Membership (Intro Group)

CTSPP Application for Full Membership